the designer

Kasey Noziska is a lifelong creative who paints and dreams in Brooklyn, NY. She's descended from Bohemian gypsies and British royals and is influenced by the best of both these romantic worlds. Exploring the fluid meaning of home and redefining luxury form the nucleus of her work. 

Raised in a town called Pleasant Grove, she studied design in San Francisco and fashion styling in London. For now, she lives in Brooklyn with her handsome husband, baby girl and cactus plants.

our products

All designs start out from a hand-drawn painting. We keep all of the "artist's hand" in the finished piece as this makes it more honest and special. Our wallpapers are made in Lancashire, England (the birthplace of wallpaper) and Brooklyn, NY. Our ceramics are made in New York City. We also happily take commissions for projects.

our philosophy

Mother nature is a force, for sure - but she is also sloppy, chaotic and unstructured. All of our work at Ziskova is a reflection of this belief - that perfection is a sad myth and the essence of life is to find beauty in the messiness. The integrity of a crooked line, allowing paint to blur to it's own will, organic, abstract and uneven shapes - these are our virtues.